About Cbusinessd

Furniture is like death and taxes; it's inevitable. Afterall, everyone needs a bed to sleep on, a sofa to plant your ass in after a long day and a drawer for their undies, right?

We believe simple is sophisticated. A backless barstool is just sexy. It's called a sofa not a couch, you potato! We're digging owls, tie-dye and anchors right now—tomorrow's a new day. We love coffee table books with big pictures and little words. You should take care of your home the same way you pamper yourself. We like round objects over squares and solids trump plaids, but to each their own. We believe you can't buy taste, but you can still have style. Still not sure the difference between a chest or a dresser. We use words like fun, awesome and rad in almost all of our product descriptions. Kill them with kindness but own one wow piece to knock 'em out with. We are East Coasters by blood with mad West Coast flavor. Our mirrors will make you smile as you walk by them. We say if you are going to talk trash you better back it up. We sleep and sit on the same beds and sofas that we sell. You should always have fresh flowers in your house. Paisley, pinstripes and gingham are timeless. Rock the boat but wear a lifejacket.